Best 80’s Gymnastics Floor Music

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When we talk about sports or training the body, most of the time we think that boring and we are not motivated to do anything but with a little music this situation of training our body could be a very entertaining activity, there are several sports that for your Full realization is necessary a little music, I tell you from my experience that with some quite entertaining musical themes I could spend hours and hours dancing to break dance and tiredness hardly mattered, then it turns out to be that most of the music with which I trained at the time; They were from the 80s, now placing ourselves a little in context I will be commented here which are the best 80s music used to train rhythmic and artistic gymnastics.

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Rhythmic and artistic gymnastics.

First of all we must introduce a little about these disciplines, rhythmic gymnastics is a sports discipline that makes use of elements of dance, ballet and gymnastics; In addition, different devices such as rope, hoop, ball maces and tape are also used; In this sport there are both competitions and exhibitions in which the gymnast is accompanied by music to keep pace in all his movements, this discipline is developed through the harmony and grace of creative body movements, translated as personal expressions through a The combination of music, interpretation and technique also highlights that it is a discipline mostly practiced by women.

Artistic gymnastics is defined by the dictionary of the real Spanish language as “a gymnastic specialty that is practiced with various devices, such as the colt or the rings, or without it on a surface of regulatory measures; This discipline arose many years ago and separated from general gymnastics from the nineteenth century, after some time in Athens in 1896 it became an Olympic sport practiced only by men and it was in the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928 participation is given of female athletes in this discipline; In artistic gymnastics, usually individual presentations are held with an established duration between 30 or 90 seconds and are divided into female and male competitions

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80’s music to train.

The music of the 80’s, a unique musical decade that many still remember, with songs that have passed the history and still sound on all the stations and being quite popular in people who did not live this decade but who currently enjoy it through their musical successes, its fans and fans consider it as one of the best decades in the history of music, where many musical genres were born that still influence the musical themes we hear today.

A long list of artists, soloists and bands such as: The Police, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, Queen, Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael, Whitney Houston, U2, Genesis, Depeche Mode, Bruce Sprinsteen, Bryan Adams, Elvis Costello , REM, Van Halen, The Cure, Phil Collins, and many others, had global effect and managed to make 80’s music so successful as to mark history and preserve its popularity throughout the years.

A large number of people and athletes decide to practice their favorite physical activity listening to music from the 80s, according to some scientific studies conducted that listening to music with an accelerated time could help you run faster and perform more physically physical activities and in the same way It makes hard and complicated workouts seem easier to perform.

As the music of the 80s has marked the lives of many people, people who are surely reading this article will indicate a selection of 80s music with which rhythmic and artistic gymnasts can perform their physical activity.

1) Music: Call me. Artist: Blondie. Year: 1980

The rhythm of this song will undoubtedly make you feel that you fly while running and training.

2) Music: Under Pressure. Artist: Queen Year: 1981

One of my favorite subjects and many; This song remained in the top of the rankings of several countries for several months. In this same band we also recommend “Another One Bites To Dust”.

3) Music: Beat it. Artist: Michael Jackson Year: 1983

This song was part of the album that had the most sales in all history Thriller

4) Music: Love is a Battlefield. Artist: Pat Benatar. Year: 1983

His performance is not as well known as his successes, but it is a classic of the 80s that you can not miss.

5) Music: Maniac. Artist: Michael Sembello. Year: 1983

Of the best that is among my favorites for its rhythm and lyrics, a song by Michael Sembello used in the Flashdance movie, its rhythm probably makes you accelerate quickly.

6) Music: Push it to the limit. Artist: Paul Engemann. Year: 1983

This theme is part of the soundtrack of the movie scarface, starring Al Pacino.

7) Music: No easy way out. Artist: Robert Tepper Year: 1984

If you got to watch the Rocky IV movie, you must remember this classic 80’s theme.

8) Music: You spin me round. Artist: Dead or alive. Year: 1985

Most of this musical theme that attracts is its rhythm and melody that are very expensive, probably when you listen to it, it will be recorded in your head quickly.

9) Music: You give love a bad name. Artist: Bon Jovi. Year: 1986

This song reached the number 1 spot on Billboard, one of the singles of Bon Jovi’s third studio album.

10) Music: Personal Jesus. Artist: Depeche mode. Year: 1989



One of the most successful songs of Depeche Mode, a worldwide success without a doubt.

In addition I will quickly recommend other good songs from the 80s for gymnastic performance such as: Imagination, “Just an Illusion”, The Alan Parsons Project, “Eye In The Sky”, Michael Jackson, “Thriller”, David Bowie and Mick Jagger – “Dancing In The Street,” Lionel Richie, “Say You, Say Me,” U2, “With or Without You,” Europe, “The Final Countdown”, Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up” Pet Shop Boys, “Always on My Mind,” Madonna, “Like A Prayer”, Stevie Wonder, “I Just Called to Say I Love You” ;among others; the classics classics the best of the decade.