Gymnastics Arch Supports

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Gymnastics is a sport that entails a lot of limb movements. This causes the legs and arms of gymnasts more susceptible to injuries, some minor, while others are more severe and career-threatening.


Statistics put the number of gymnastics-related accidents at a shocking 100,000 a year. While deaths are rare, it’s not exactly out of the question. Melanie Coleman, a gymnast from Connecticut, died from a spinal cord injury in 2019 after she slipped from the bars during training. 


Even if others aren’t as fatal, these injuries could be life-changing in negative ways. Some of the most common accidents are; wrist fractures, ankle sprains, cartilage damage, Spinal fractures and herniated discs, Achilles tendon strains or tears, and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. 


What are arc Supports?

Arch supports are basically shoe inserts that provide solidity to the feet by distributing and absorbing some of the pressure during jumps and landing, giving a gymnast more balance during routines. Arch supports can be used either barefoot or with shoes.

Why Gymnasts Need Arch Supports?

Most gymnastics routines are done barefoot, and the feet are left to absorb all the shock from landing, jumps, and running. Most gymnasts end up enduring pain landing on floors and vaults. That’s where the arch supports come in. They help stimulate the muscles on the outer ankle and retrain the gymnast’s posture. 


The supports are typically outlined to work with bare feet. Using them with shoes could be hard for most gymnasts as the joins dig into the feet, making them uncomfortable. 


If you don’t experience heel pains ‘yet’, it’s wise to start using arch supports early since the pain is guaranteed to come sooner or later.


Here are some other benefits of arch supports:

  1. They distribute the pressure evenly through the whole foot, reducing the impact on the heels. 
  2. Since the feet support the whole body, arch supports help support the body and provide balance and stability.
  3. They lessen pain in the feet.
  4. They provide confidence and stability for the body.
  5. They protect your leg arches from harm.


That’s not all, there are dozens of other benefits of using arch supports.


An alternative to arch supports is taping, though it’s rather more expensive.


What are the best Arch Supports Available?

Before you go looking for arch supports, you need to understand that different arch supports work with different kinds of shoes. Identify the type of shoe you want to use it with and ensure it fits the shoe before settling on one.


Here are some of the best arch supports you can get on Amazon.



  • Copper Compression Copper Arch Supports

These arch supports have the highest copper content. The copper is directly infused into the nylon fibers rather than just sprayed onto the fabric. As a result, this product is guaranteed to last you a long time.


In the very unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with this product, the company is ready to give you a full refund without asking questions. That’s how confident they are in the product.


These Copper compression Arch and Foot Support Straps are designed to help you get the support you need for all day and all night comfort. They are commonly used by people suffering from fallen arches, flat feet, heel, toe, ball of foot or bunion pain, Tailor’s bunion, plantar fasciitis, plantar fascial fibromatosis (Ledderhose’s disease), arthritis, and heel spurs.


The supports keep your arches, feet, and Plantar Fascia compressed with the ultra-comfortable copper-infused compression fabric that gives you support while still allowing you to retain your range of motion. This is extremely important because by maintaining your range of motion, your muscles can continue to work and strengthen.


Copper Compression foot arch supports fit extremely comfortably and can be worn every day to help you get the support you need! The high-quality fabric will also withstand washing and will not lose its function over the course of time like many other products!

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  1. Pro-Tec Athletics Arch Pro-Tec – Premium Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis 

This new premium arch support includes EVA molded pad for additional support to the medial arch, helping prevent excessive pronation.

It helps alleviate conditions of Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs.


The arch support also provides upward compression to the arch, supporting and stabilizing the plantar fascia. It is worn during activity to reduce strain on the arch.

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  • Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports 

This arch support increases foot and leg alignment heightens comfort and helps ease stress and pain caused by flat feet (Pronation), bunions, arthritis, and diabetes. It also provides relief from Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain & heel spurs), Achilles Tendonitis, and also Ball of Foot pain.


In addition, it also shields your heel during the heavy impact of landing during walking or running and stabilizes the foot.


As you’d guess already, it is excellent for shock absorption and pain relief. The fabric also helps keep your feet cool.


It provides moderate control and support in walking or casual hiking shoes, work shoes, and boots. This arch also support grants comfort and cushioning for all types of leisure or everyday footwear.


If you’re not satisfied with the arch supports, contact the WalkHero customer care desk for a reasonable solution.


 WalkHero insoles are packed in a resealable ziplock bag, Free to open and seal, please kindly keep the package intact before return. To avoid Amazon refuse your return request due to packaging damage, Please DO NOT use scissors to open it.

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  • PCSsole 3/4 Orthotics Shoe Insoles High Arch Supports 

These sturdy arch supports are a great option for any gymnast looking for shoe inserts cum arch supports. The 3.5cm firm EVA high arch provides a perfect foot arch support, and thus reduces the pressure on the heel. The high-hard arch is designed to fit your arch easily and absorb the impact of each step during exercise or walking and evenly distributes foot pressure and reduces fatigue. You will feel pain relief the first time wearing this hard foot support insole.


PCSsole 3/4 Length of orthotic insoles produces anatomical arch support and relief for those with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, high arch, overpronation, fallen arch, and heel pain. Once standing on these insoles, believe me, you don’t feel the hardness, just comfort.


The structured deep heel cup in these arch supports provides perfect wrapping, helps stabilize the foot in the right position and adjust your body to a normal alignment. It offers better balance and control while exercising or running, reduces the friction between feet and shoes, and improves walking posture.


With a small and lightweight design, 3/4 length insoles can fit comfortably in most shoes. The breathable top layer coated with anti-slip material makes it stable in your shoes. These orthotic insoles are great for athletic shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, canvas, running shoes, work shoes, and boots.


Choose a size according to your usual shoe size. 90% of people don’t need time to get used to this insole. Some need 1-3 days to adapt to this insole. If you are not completely satisfied with your PCSsole insoles, the company’s great customer care is ever willing to assist you with any issues.

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From this list, you can get the best arch support for your needs. Whether you need a shoe insert or just arch supports for bare feet, it’s all here. Get the one that balances your needs and maintains them properly.


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