What is the Gymnastics Routine to Receive a Perfect 10? The WOW FACTOR!

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What is the Gymnastics Routine to Receive a Perfect 10? The WOW FACTOR!

I have seen a countless number of gymnasts do a near-perfect routine and not score as high as they thought they would. Their disappointment and agony show as tears start rolling down their cheeks. Then they ask that famous little question, “what did I do wrong?”

It is not so much that they did something wrong, they usually are just missing the WOW FACTOR in their floor routine and beam routine.

Keep in mind, a judge may see the same gymnastics routine 100s of times. In all honesty, they get a little bored and want to see something that stands out. You can’t just hit your routine, you got to leave a mark and a good impression on the judges by giving them the WOW FACTOR they are looking for.

What is a WOW FACTOR?

A wow factor is going to be something that wows the judges. A little extra spice in your routine that gets the judge’s attention and makes your floor routine and beam routine stand out. This means you cannot just go through the motions of your routine.

Every judge wants to see a tight, clean, flawless routine, but this won’t get a gymnast the high score they are striving for. There is more to a routine than that. Presentation and showmanship are very important when competing. This means every gymnast must finish every skill, stay in relief, have full body extension, keep their chin up, smile constantly, and go all out on every skill. They must show a great amount of confidence and enthusiasm and not look timid or afraid. This will grab the judge’s attention and give them the wow factor they have been looking for!

You need to practice the way you compete. Going through the motions during practice and a meet is not good enough. You need to give it 110% on every skill and every beam routine and floor routine. This will give the judges the wow factor they want to see and will set you apart from the rest of the gymnasts.

Give the judges and audience a gymnastics routine to remember!!! GO GET THEM, GIRLS!!


  • Do not land headfirst into the pit
  • Do not bury yourself under the pit blocks.
  • Do not attempt skills you cannot do by yourself safely
  • Do not land on your knees in the pit
  • Do not dig holes in the pit blocks
  • Do not throw foam out of the pit
  • Do not pick the foam pit blocks apart
  • Do not throw foam blocks at anyone’s face


  • Make sure you land in the pit!
  • Make sure you take turns going into the pit
  • Make sure only one gymnast at a time is in the pit
  • Make sure no one is in the pit before you use it
  • Make sure to land in a pike position if dropping from the rope
  • Make sure the foam pit is fluffed regularly
  • *Make sure to clean out the foam pit every once in a while

*It is very important to take time and clean out the gymnastics pit a few times a year. Over time and with a lot of wear and tear the blocks start to flake apart. This causes a lot of o dust and small foam pit pieces to be in the pit that often gets into the gymnast’s eyes. When you clean out foam pits you may never know what you may find in the bottom. Some of the common things are hair clips, headbands, ponytail holders, stud earrings, jewelry, socks (even though they aren’t supposed to wear them), Band-Aids, etc. And you may even find a few crazy things; we have found glasses, retainers, handgrips, and a dead mouse.

So make sure to follow all these to get that perfect 10 scores you are always looking for.

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