Best Gymnastics Trinkets For Any Gymnast

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Do you have a little gymnast in your life? Perhaps you or someone you know has a passion for the sport? Need a gymnastic trinket or gift to reflect that person’s love and as a bonus, wins you points for the extra thought? What to buy? If you want something that will truly make your gymnast’s hearts do a flip, look at the list compiled below showcasing a variety of options of special gifts.

Tried and True T-shirt

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Usually, a safe bet for the person you aren’t quite sure of their specific taste, is something to wear. Everyone loves a good t-shirt to hang out in or maybe to wear to and from the gym. This adorable t-shirt stating what most gymnasts think, “Why Walk When You Can Cartwheel?” is available in a variety of sizes and colors. It also features a silhouette of a gymnast displaying their skills. For a person that might not care for jewelry or a little gymnastic trinket, this is a safe route.

The Diehard Gymnast T-shirt

What about for that diehard gymnast in your life that focuses their life on the sport? Maybe it’s the parent of the gymnast that devotes their lives in the car going to and from practice and tournaments. “Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics” is the wording on this t-shirt. It also comes in different sizes and colors.

Don’t Forget Daddy

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Let’s not forget dear old dad. Sometimes the unsung hero of being a gym dad. Show them the appreciation they deserve too with a little something. No, not a bracelet, a leotard, or a gymnastic trinket or tote, but a t-shirt that is not only funny, but expresses the sentiments of some. “Gymnastics Dad, She Flips. I Pay” on a t-shirt will not only give dad some recognition, but also acknowledge the sacrifice he makes, his money. Available in all sizes and colors, but also available in women’s sizing.

Cuddle Up with A Hoodie

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Most everyone loves a sweatshirt or a hoodie. A perfect item to wear over a leotard or shorts before and after practice. Available in 3 colors and multiple sizes, this hoodie would be great for your gymnast, coach, gym mom, or friend.  It also perfectly displays all aspects of gymnastics in a colorful lettering and playful fonts.

If You Have to Wear a Mask

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It appears that wearing masks are not yet a thing of the past. People express themselves and their personalities with something as simple as cloth that covers your mouth. There is a mask for the gymnast too. Lightweight and adjustable, this mask has beautiful watercolor artwork displaying the skill of a gymnast. The perfect extra touch to go with a gift you already have or something to simply brighten someone’s day.

Maybe you have that little gymnast that loves jewelry. Here are some gorgeous ideas of something to buy.

A Necklace Is Always a Winner

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This adorable sterling silver necklace featuring a heart is sure to touch their heart. Engraved with the words “Be Strong and Be Yourself”, this necklace is sure to brighten someone’s day. Something the one you love can wear and be reminded of their number one fan.

Say It with A Charm

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Another great idea is a little gymnastic trinket or charm that can be added to an existing bracelet. This charm fits with most European bracelets. Don’t have a charm bracelet started yet? There are a wide variety and price points on the market. One option to consider is the bracelets available at Pandora.

Jewelry That Doesn’t Have to Be Removed

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Let’s not leave off the option of earrings. Just a little something to reflect what they love. These sterling silver stud earrings are in the shape of a heart, featuring a gymnast.  Gymnasts are normally not allowed to wear jewelry while competing, but stud earrings are allowed.  A great idea for those that want their gymnast to have a little token to keep with them.

Alex and Ani Special Edition Bracelet

Another great jewelry idea is an Alex and Ani bracelet. With a gold finish, this is the Team USA Gymnastics bracelet. This special edition bracelet reflects the love of the sport and as stated on their site, wear this to show loyalty and team spirit.

Your gift doesn’t have to be clothing or jewelry. Anyone who searches online sees that there is no shortage of ideas and items to show a person’s love for gymnastics.

Pillow Talk

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How about a toss pillow with sentiments of what a gymnast loves? These pillows are not only affordable but chic and versatile for any recipient. On neutral backgrounds sayings such as, “Jump off the beam, flip off the bars, follow your dreams and reach for the stars” or “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, tumble like a champion”, these are sure to be a hit.

Just Add Water

It’s important that all gymnasts stay hydrated. Why not an adorable water bottle that gives the warning of a gymnast may flip at any time? This is a perfect gift for a student, teacher, coach or parent.

Keeping The Hair Out of Their Face

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Hair ties featuring the silhouettes of gymnasts are sure to be used and sure to not break the bank. This pack of five comes in assorted colors. The great thing about these specifically is they do not leave a crease in your hair, and they do not rip and pull your hair. Adorable and practical.

Pack It Up

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Last, but not least is a little tote, cosmetic or lunch bag. Something small enough to keep all of their gymnastic trinkets stored away is a cute canvas zipper case with gymnastics printed on the side. Need something a little bigger to carry that sweatshirt you bought? No problem, this nylon tote will do the trick. Printed with expressions of love for gymnastics, this bag would be perfect for the gym, school, or even the beach. Taking a snack to the gym or taking lunch to school, this lunch bag is durable and has the stretch to accommodate a variety of snacks. It’s functional but it doesn’t hurt at all that it is so cute. If you have a love for gymnastics, then this lunch bag is a perfect reflection.

As you can see there is something for every age and every occasion. From a little token to show you care to finding a gift for that moment to commemorate, there is no shortage of options.