Best Tumbling Mats for Toddlers

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Parenting toddlers can be troublesome.  When you’re not keeping them from crawling into the kitchen, you’re probably blocking them from gobbling down everything they come across. Tumbling mats can help ease that burden as they help keep the toddler occupied.


Whether you are trying to include your child in gymnastics, or are just looking for a stretching mat for your toddler, you can’t go wrong with a tumbling mat. 


Gymnastics has been demonstrated to have several benefits to kids, and introducing them to it at a young age makes it all the better. After all, if they’re not engaged in gymnastics, they can always switch their minds later in life.


What Should You Look for in a Tumbling Mat?

Toddlers demand special care, and you’ll want to be primarily careful with what you get for yours. 



  • Safety


As always, protection comes first, and any gym has its own set of safety precautions that need to be followed to avoid any casualties. 


Before ordering a tumbling mat, you might need to ensure your gym area is safe enough for your toddler to roam around safely without supervision. This means there should be no sharp objects or dangerous equipment lying around. If not, you might need to consider setting aside a safer space for this purpose. 


Toddlers aren’t notably the best listeners and you won’t trust yours to not mess around, so take caution and make the space as safe as possible to avoid any casualties. It doesn’t harm to take extra precautions to ensure your little one has the safest playing environment, does it? If anything, prevention is always better than cure, right?


  • Material


Understand your child and what they are suitable with to know what material to go for. Getting them itchy material can only make them hate the mat, or even worse, the sport.


Besides, the material should be comfy enough for the toddler to enjoy their time on it. It should have enough cushion and be able to receive shock more efficiently.



  • Maintenance


Toddlers have brittle immune systems, and endangering them to the slightest risks can cause infections. That’s why you’ll need to get a mat that is dirt-resistant and easy to clean. Vinyl material is specifically very efficient for this purpose. You should try to clean the mat as often as possible.


Your toddler can undoubtedly bring over friends without the risk of infection as this material is easily sanitized or wiped to remove dirt.



  • Colors, Colors, Colors!!


Children’s perception of beauty is heavily dependent on color. You’ll need to identify your child’s preference and buy them a mat of the color they like most. For most kids, any bright colors will do.

Advantages of Tumbling Mats for Toddlers

  1. They are non-toxic
  2. They are light and easily portable
  3. They are easy to clean and store
  4. They are not susceptible to punctures and tears


Disadvantages of Tumbling Mats for Toddlers

  1. Not recommended for advanced gymnastics
  2. Children are bound to outgrow them.

The best Tumbling Mats for Toddlers

If you’re looking for the best tumbling mats for your toddlers, here is a list we’ve curated with our top picks so you don’t go through the hassle.



  • FDP SoftScape Playtime and Climb Multipurpose Soft Foam Playset with Foldable Seat for Infants and Toddlers

This configurable climber with slide, speed bump, and soft block play pieces is great for infants exploring new textures and learning to grasp and play. It also becomes a comprehensive seat for storytime for the crawler.


This high-quality and versatile climber incorporates safe indoor active play into any learning environment, and is ideal for use anywhere, from home to classroom, and anywhere in between.


This mat encourages little ones to improve important growth skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills as they play.


It has a textured non-slip bottom that diminishes slipping and sliding. It is also soft and made from a durable polyurethane material that is easy to clean; wipe with a mild soap-and-water solution. It is advised that children remove shoes before using the mat.

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  • Memory Foam Soft Cushioned Patchwork Baby and Toddler Activity Play Mat

This patchwork playmat that measures 58″ W x 58″ D is designed for use at daycares, preschool, childcare centers, or at home.


Your child is confirmed to have a blast playing, rolling around, and resting on this colorful play mat. 


You don’t need to continually worry about food and drink ruining your baby mat, this waterproof mat can easily be wiped with a damp cloth.

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  • Y0BEST Baby Playpen Mat

This portable playpen turns anywhere into a safe space for your toddler to play! It helps keep the baby away from harm, and mothers can free their hands to do their own things.


This mat for toddlers provides ample space that’s big enough to fit three toddlers. Your child can bring over friends and share the happiness together.


The mat features walls that allow the babies to play safely and you don’t have to watch over the babies like a hawk.


The mat is made of safe eco-friendly material with n0n slip coating. The giant fence is made of resistant-duty encryption 300D oxford cloth material & strong fabrics net sidings, which is tougher & more durable (than other brands only 210D Oxford cloth).


To clean, simply hand wash and wipe down with a damp cloth and soap.


The mat has a 360-degree wide-angle view, hence the children can see their mothers from within and have peace of mind. 


This playpen mat also uses premium alloy steel pipes and plastic joint connections, making it easy to disassemble and assemble(no tools required). Once assembled, however, there is enough tension to keep it tight and sturdy. 

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  • BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat

This product comes with 16 tiles in 4 colors and 24 end borders (6 borders each color). Each tile measures 12″x12″x0.4″. Each square = 1 square foot; total coverage 16 square feet (4′ x 4′ area)


It is safe for your toddler’s health as it is non-toxic and tested to meet or exceed the US-regulated toy safety standards. It is effortless to clean with a damp cloth & mild soap, and its interlocking features make it very simple to assemble.

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