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If you’ve seen gymnasts perform, you’ve certainly seen them wear a thick layer of leather in their hands. Those are gymnastic grips. They help protect the gymnast’s hands from rips, blisters, tears, and calluses that result from friction between the gymnast’s hands and the bar. In addition to that, they also help improve the gymnast’s grip on the bar.


There are two main types of grips: dowel grips, and non-dowel grips. 


Dowel Grips are simply the ones that have incorporated dowel rods that help the gymnast have a firmer hold on the bar.


Non-dowel grips, on the opposite hand, are the ones that don’t have dowel rods. These ones are especially used by younger gymnasts of lower levels who are still learning basic skills. As the gymnast grows, they graduate to dowel grips when they start doing the more demanding workouts.


They are majorly used to avoid blisters and calluses and to get the gymnasts used to how they feel in the hand.


If you’ve never worn grips before, here is a tutorial on how to wear grips correctly.  


What to consider before buying

Again, before you go shopping for non-dowel grips, you need to take some factors into consideration. Here are some tips before you buy the grips.

  1. Size

This is very important as any slight discomfort in the gymnast’s hands can change the whole experience. Gymnasts need to use non-dowel grips that give them the perfect grip on the bar. 


To get the perfect fit, you’ll need to measure your hand from the base of the palm to the top of the middle finger and compare it against the measurements of the grips you contemplate buying.


  1. Material

Pick the material that’s most comfortable for you. Different people have different preferences, and what grips best for one gymnast may be uncomfortable for another person.


The thinner non-dowel grips easily break in and are more comfortable to use but they typically tear out quickly. The thicker ones, on the other hand, take quite some time to break-in, and could be quite uncomfortable for the gymnast’s hands, but are more durable.


The Best Non-Dowel Grips to Buy 

There are a lot of different options in the market, but not all of them are perfect for you. Here are some of the best non-dowel grips you can buy on Amazon. You only need to choose the one that fits the bill for you.



  • JerkFit RAW Grips 2 Finger Leather Hand Grips


Here come the first 2 finger leather grips that cover the ENTIRE PALM!! 


These gymnastics grips are breathable and designed with an adjustable wrist strap for optimal comfort and support for both male and female athletes.


Other 3 finger leather grips severely limit flexibility and are uncomfortable between the fingers. These RAW Grips have a unique shape and design that allows FULL COVERAGE while at the same time leaving your index finger free. These Hand Grips allow for a much-needed boost to your hand and wrist mobility, and most of all comfort.


They are ergonomically designed to prevent digging into your wrists, it simply will not happen. Full Palm Protection will ensure full support and stability when using the JerkFit RAW gymnastics grips. 


The grips are of premium quality extra malleable and textured leather allows the grips to conform immediately to your hands, providing extra grip right out of the package. The package also Includes sandpaper to customize the finger holes to adjust the fit if needed.


It takes a thief to catch one. The RAW Grips were designed by a former professional gymnast to reduce and prevent unnecessary and painful rips and blisters that kill your momentum and performance. The result is super comfortable grips built by former competitive athletes that understand the rigors of the sport.


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  • JerkFit Fly Grips, Hand Grips for Cross-Training



This is another non-dowelled hand grip from the same company. 


As leaders in the Grip industry, JerkFit surely knows what it takes to design a product that not only works perfectly but lasts long. Through research, they’ve designed the pinnacle of handgrip technology.


If you’re looking for lightweight, super grippy, virtually pain-free, over-the-top durability grips that won’t just stay out of your way but will enhance your workouts, FLY GRIPS are it!


They feature a unique two-finger design with full palm protection for increased mobility, perfectly contouring your hand with no weak points. The shape and design allow full coverage of your palm while at the same time leaving your index and pinky fingers free for comfort and performance. 


We all could use a boost to our hand and wrist mobility. These hand grips provide exactly that. And most of all, they provide the comfort needed to give you the confidence to do the extra set for the results you want.


This unique material not only grips the bar but provides the softest feel on your hand. Say goodbye to painful rips and blisters that prevent you from getting a full workout in. These full palm protection gymnastics grips keep your hands and palms safe during pull-ups, chest to bar, muscle-ups, toes to bar (T2B), knees to elbow (K2E), kettlebell swings, powerlifting, power cleans, deadlifts, snatches, gymnastics, and more.


The grips are made from 100% vegan leather that is extremely durable. No more dealing with heavy, highly inconsistent feeling leather grips that take weeks to break in. The ultra-lightweight Fly Grips are ready to go on day 1 but continue to soften as they are broken in! Unlike other materials, these get better over time, the more you use them, and are built to last!


The grips are made by athletes who understand the deep desire to get the most out of your workout for peak performance and results. Fly Grips were designed by a former professional gymnast to reduce and prevent unnecessary and painful rips and blisters that kill your momentum and performance. 


Fly Grips are super comfortable as they are built by former gymnasts who understand that every last rep counts to gain an edge over the competition.


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  • QALARO Double Buckle Grips for Girls



These grips are available in XS, S, M, and L. Any athlete will be very happy with this girl’s gymnastics grips set by Qalaro, complete with a set of 4.5inch white cotton wrist bands and a black drawstring grip bag.


It is made of soft, comfortable leather that is designed to protect the palm from rips during swings and bar routines, for training and competition. The narrow cut also allows them to be broken in very quickly and easily. Wrap some sandpaper around a pen and use it to enlarge the finger holes. Must not go past the 2nd knuckle!


The grips are made to provide long-lasting performance. The double buckle grips with leather dowels are professionally stitched and high-quality, which makes them perfect for training and official competition at any level.


These Qalaro uneven bar non-dowel grips have a very sturdy double buckle for reassurance during bar work and are designed to create a pocket for the bar, for ease of swinging during the workout. 

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  • Element 26 IsoGrip Hand Grips for Cross-Training


No chalk? No problem. Unlike other Gymnastic grips that use slick materials like leather, fake carbon fiber leather, suede, or slippery “Diamonds”, which require tons of messy chalk and make you slip off the bar without the need for unsanitary chalk, the brand new Element 26 IsoGrip Gymnastic Grips act like glue. These WOD gloves lock you into the bar even if chalk is no longer allowed, making your movements easier than ever.


Don’t be fooled by 2-hole and 3-hole gymnastics grip designs. Other hand grips often do not fit properly and leave you with painful and annoying blisters and tears at the base of your finger. This flexible elastic finger loop or loopless design fully protects between your fingers and palm and ensures a proper fit.


The worst is buying a gymnastics grip that doesn’t fit right. With the grip’s unique custom trim wrist strap, you can cut it down to the perfect size. Don’t have a bunch of extra straps hanging off, or too short of a strap where it won’t stay closed like other grips. Just cut on the white line and enjoy the custom fit of your new lifting grips.


The entire grip is made from a single piece of extremely durable isoprene polymer “IsoGrip” material. Unlike hand grips for Functional Fitness that easily fail under normal use, this grip’s single material design allows for ultimate durability and longevity to protect your hands during all of your pullups, Olympic lifts, deadlifts, gymnastics, and high rep training.


There you have it. The four best non-dowel grips according to us. Good luck finding the best for you.

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