Unique Gymnastics Floor Music

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New Upbeat? Best mixes? Without lyrics? We know what you want, that’s we have compiled this list with the best, most originally unique gymnastics floor music~



While listening to my usual playlists on YouTube, I recently stumbled upon some new gymnastics floor music. It was nothing like I had ever heard during practice, and before I knew it, I was going through one after another piece of unique gymnastics floor music.


That made me wonder if all floor music gymnastics routines include the same music. And if you want some new beats to practice or perform to, where can you find unique and new gymnastics floor music?


Thanks to dedicated artists and hobbyists, new gymnastics floor music mixes can be found throughout the internet. In fact, those athletes who have some time on their hands look into mixing their own gymnastics routine music without lyrics. Other than that, those who simply enjoy sharing floor routine music ideas also turn towards mixing some of the best gymnastics floor music that you have ever heard.


The best thing about any gymnastics floor music upbeat or mellowed down is that it can now be found easily. With various types of gymnastics floor music mixes available through various avenues, you can find something that fits your routine perfectly.


From upbeat to chill, and from energetic to soothing, here are some of the most unique and new gymnastics floor music to choose from.


best Gymnastics Floor Music


1. Find Pop Music That’s Converted to Gymnastics Routine Music Without Lyrics


Ariana Grande is one of the best known pop artists of our times. But apart from churning out bop after bop, she’s also capable of releasing music that floor music gymnastics routines can incorporate easily.


No, really. If you think that 7 Rings was just trap-pop that was good for a drive or a dance or two in the club, you might need to give its gymnastics floor music mixes a listen.


7 Rings as a gymnastic floor music choice is something that you never knew you wanted, but something that you always needed. That is not an exaggeration since the mix has plenty to prove to back this claim.


As a track that gives you time to warm up, to show off the most strenuous skills, and then get some time to catch your breath before doing it all over again, the 7 Rings mix is one of the most impressive best gymnastics floor music choices out there.



2. Bring Some Disney Magic to Your Gymnastics Floor Music Mixes


Best suited for young gymnasts, the music from Disney and Pixar’s 2001 hit Monsters, Inc. is an amazing choice for fun and preppy routines.


As a movie that is still relevant almost two decades after its release, Monsters, Inc. is regarded as one of the most influential animated movies ever made. The strong bond of friendship of the main characters and their urge to protect an innocent child’s wondrous imagination is a timeless storyline that remains an inspiration for anyone who watches it.


While the story has Pixar’s signature sentimental touch to it, the music itself is fun. This mix of emotion, connection and an overall sense of preppy joy make the mix comes off as one of the greatest floor routine music ideas that a gymnast could have.


Starting off at low notes and instantly moving on to fun accents with lots of instruments at play, the mix proves a great gymnastics floor music upbeat routines can make use of. This versatility is one of the many reasons why it is used by teams after teams of young gymnasts.  



3. Welcome the Hunger Games Score as Arguably the Best Gymnastics Floor Music for Dramatic Routines


The Hunger Games is one of the most popular young adult franchises of the 2010s. Following the story of a young woman who transforms from a secluded girl in a small district to being the unlikely face of revolution in her country, it is a story of utmost inspiration.


This especially holds true for young gymnasts, who need all the motivation and push they need to achieve their true potential.


And the Hunger Games score is all ready to be of service.


As the original cut of music from the film, the music clip does not need any treatment to become a fierce background to as some of the best gymnastics floor music for dramatic routines.


Comprising of various notes that let you show off some of your most complex skills without stealing away your thunder, this particular score comes highly recommended. It is especially effective when it’s used as new gymnastics floor music for intense routines, where you have a lot to prove to the spectators.



4. Seek J-Lo’s Help to Bring a Certain Charm to Your Routine


At 50 years of age, Jennifer Lopez is one of the most celebrated entertainers in the U.S. and the world. Throughout her illustrious career, the singer and actress has won many hearts and has influenced the music tastes of countless people. There is hardly a J-Lo song that people have not listened to, especially when it is a massive hit such as On the Floor.


Released in 2011, the track remains one of the biggest successes of the artist’s career. From clubs to cafes, and from the radio to then-newly released smartphones, the song played repeatedly on the soundwaves until it became synonymous with the pop star’s image.


That is why, when you get the opportunity to use the song as gymnastics routine music without lyrics, you know that you have hit the jackpot for gymnastics floor music upbeat routines can benefit from.


With the bouncy and fun tunes that the mix brings to the table, you are able to show off your skills to a magnificent background score. At the same time, the song evokes fun and joyous memories for the audience, which lets them connect to your routine on an emotional level.



5. Use Some Alternative New Gymnastics Floor Music to Liven Up Your Routines


If you haven’t ever chimed in with a “Haven’t You People Heard of Closing the Goddamn Door”, then you might be missing out on one of the most popular pop rock bands of current times.


Panic! At the Disco Might have lost most of its original members, but lead vocalist Brendon Urie still has the power to helm the band to the top of the charts. And if you like most other young gymnasts are a fan of Panic!, then using its alternative tunes as your new gymnastics floor music might be a dream come true.


To be honest, it is quite difficult to find gymnastic tunes that are set to the preppy and genre-defying music that comes from Panic!. But it is not impossible.


Listen to this mix, for instance. As a recent hit by the band, Say Amen (It’s Saturday Night) has always had the potential to be a great choice for a gymnastics routine. But in its converted form, it proves to be one of those gymnastics floor music mixes that are a perfect fit to be used for vigorous routines.



6. Find Airy Floor Routine Music Ideas to Bring a Certain Flair to Your Routine


Ed Sheeran had his breakout opportunity to the mainstream U.S. pop charts in 2011. Since then, he has carved a niche for himself in the music industry with his play on different styles of pop.


Sheeran’s popularity could be judged by the fact that he very recently broke U2’s record of holding the biggest, most attended and highest-grossing tour of all time.


With multiple Grammy awards and several chartbusters, the redhead is also adored by the who’s who of Hollywood and his everyday fans alike.


Considering all of this, when you decide to play one of these greatest hits as one of a kind floor routine music ideas, you can’t wrong with it.


This mix of Sheeran’s 2017 hit Shape of You starts with multiple beats and soon takes the gymnasts to a flow of music. It is great for routines that demonstrate speed and agility, and proves its mettle as a pick in new gymnastics floor music.



7. Look Towards a Disney Princess to Lend You the Music You Need


Released 30 years ago, The Little Mermaid has a special place in the hearts of many who grew up with the movie. With the remake casting news creating some controversy, the Disney classic is back in the news cycle.  


But apart from its stunning visuals and touching story, the Little Mermaid is also known for being one of those Disney movies in which music is an integral part of the story.


Almost all the songs from the movie can be recited through memory by people of all ages. This gives the movie’s music the ability to create a rapport with the audience whenever it is used by any artist.


And this mix from The Little Mermaid fulfills that requirement with quite some ease. As a choice of floor music gymnastics routines could utilize to a great extent, this particular rendition does a great job of letting gymnasts show off their skills with perfectly timed notes. All in all, it is one of the best gymnastics floor music options you can make use of.



8. Seek Assistance from the Richest Female Musician in the World for Gymnastics Floor Music Upbeat Routines Can Benefit From


Regardless of your views towards modern artists, Rihanna’s name really wouldn’t need any introduction for you to know who is being mentioned here. As the richest female musician in the world, the multiple Grammy award winner is regarded has having ruled different genres on her own terms.


Some of her greatest hits have been played countless times on the radio and TV, have been covered by more than a few revered artists, and are currently regarded as “modern classics” by her fans.


Keeping this in mind, when you have the chance to use Rihanna’s discography as some of the best gymnastics floor music choices, you know that it’s too good to pass up just like that.


This particular choice in gymnastics floor music upbeat routines can benefit from comes from Diamonds, which is one of the artist’s biggest hits. While the music is soft, it provides plenty of opportunities for the athletes to shine and to relax for a few seconds in between more uplifting moves.



9. Get Inspiration from the World’s Biggest TV Show for Floor Music Gymnastics Fans Would Enjoy


Game of Thrones may have ended its run this year, but it doesn’t mean that anyone has stopped talking about the TV show.


With the most Emmy nominations in a single year, the HBO hit is back in the news cycle. Despite a season finale that was disappointing for many fans, the almost-perfect series is being lauded in all departments by the Academy.


And this farewell is fit to invoke a sense of nostalgia into those who started following the series ever since its first season debuted in 2011.


If you are a fan of the series or simply the wonderful music that composer Ramin Djawadi brought to the iconic intro, then this mix will provide a fitting background as a floor music gymnastics routines could benefit from.


Striking the perfect balance between high and low notes, this new gymnastics floor music is bound to elevate your performance to a whole new level.


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