Best Athletic Tape for Gymnastics

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The hands and legs are the most fundamental parts of the body for a gymnast. That’s why they need to take utmost care of their limbs and take whatever precaution available to prevent injury. 


The limbs are rather more susceptible to injuries since they do most of the action. Swinging from bar to bar and jumping needs a lot of keenness and precision. Any slight mistake might lead to severe accidents or in the worst cases, even death. That’s why gymnasts shouldn’t delay investing in their hands and legs. 



How do Gymnasts Protect their Hands?

Gymnastics is all about limbs, and gymnasts do whatever they can to protect their hands. One way they can protect their limbs is by using hand grips. These, as the name suggests, help the gymnasts maintain a proper grip on the bars, thus avoiding calluses, blisters, and rips that come as a result of friction between the hands and the bars.


Another way is by using chalk. Chalk absorbs the moisture in the hands, making the hands less sweaty. This enhances grip on the bars, making it more comfortable and safer for the gymnast. 


Why do Gymnasts Use Tape?

Tape is another common accessory among many gymnasts. Gymnastics methods involve a lot of ankle and wrist rolls. That’s why gymnasts need extra support and protection for their hands and feet. Tape comes in handy in all these situations: 


  1. They may help gymnasts give a better grip on the bars, thus diminishing the probability of shifting.
  2. They may protect the gymnast’s hands from abrasion between bare skin and the bars.
  3. They may help limit blisters, rips, and calluses on the hands.


There are different types of athletic tapes:



  • Corrective tape


This elastic tape is used to strengthen muscles, and correct joint problems. 



  • Supportive tape


This is the most common type in most gyms. It is stable and comes in varying widths, from ½’’ to 2’’.They are used to support specific joints by restricting movements around the joint. 



  • Compressive tapes


These elastic tapes offer minimal support and are mostly used to cover or support other tapes.


What are the best Athletic Tapes for Gymnastics?

Here are some of the best athletic tapes you can get on Amazon.



  • Gauztex Athletic Tape

Gauztex Gymnastics Tape only adheres to itself and won’t stick to hair, skin, or fabric, and never leaves behind a sticky residue. It does not require clips or fasteners to stay secure and is pain-free to remove.


It is made of sturdy, yet porous, fabric enabling airflow to the skin. Material is waterproof and will not lose grip from sweat.


The tape enables you to sustain full mobility of your muscles and joints while still receiving support for sprains, swelling, and blisters.


In addition, it also guards hands, fingers, and wrists against sharp edges, hot surfaces, and rough or abrasive materials. Ideal where gloves may be awkward.


The tape can be used to defend and support any body part but works especially well on the ankle, wrist, finger, toe, elbow, and knee. It’s also safe for pets.

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  • White Athletic Sports Tape 

This 3 Pack of tape was made with a unique formula to make sure it reels with ease. It works perfectly for weightlifting, rock climbing, and boxing or sparring.


The tape is very powerful but there is no need for tape cutters – just wrap, pinch, tear and enjoy your workout. You’ll be presently surprised when you notice the contrast quality can make when it comes to rigid athletic tape.


This premium adhesive tape sticks as it should, and doesn’t hold. Aside from gymnastics, it is also perfect on bats, lacrosse sticks, and hockey sticks.


The merchandise comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, thus you have no reason to shy away from purchasing it.

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  1. Mighty-X White Athletic Tape 

While the benefits of white athletic tape are well known, using it by itself can cause skin irritation. Mighty-X sports tape athletic kit includes 3 rolls of cotton adhesive tape (1.5 inches x 45 ft) + 1 pre-wrap roll (2.75 inches X 75 ft) to help prevent abrasion. It is also recommended that you use a protective layer underneath hand tape.


This sport tape tears clearly due to the zig-zag edges that additionally prevent further fraying. The breathable cloth athletic wrist tape and foamy under-wrap combine for extra comfort. This tape is also latex-free and uses only natural adhesive.


Mighty-X athletic tape not only aids to protect and hold your joints during hard workouts or long races but speeds up recovery as well. You can use it as climbing tape, gymnastics tape, football tape, lacrosse tape, soccer tape, or boxing tape for hands.


The athletic tape 1½ inch wide strip is perfect for weightlifters, boxers, and rock climbers. The strong athletic tape white fabric helps to prevent sprains, strains, and tweaks during intense activity. This product is also beneficial for archery, football, baseball, martial arts, and more.


Applying the pre-wrap under your ankle tape helps to avoid chafing and irritation. It clings to itself but doesn’t stick to body hair. Always utilize it before sports tape athletic self-adhesive bands. The combination of sturdy athletic tape and soft pre-wrap grips you comfortable and protected!

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  • (8 Pack) White Finger Tape – Athletic Tape 

Get the ultimate safeguard for your hands and fingers so you can keep doing what you love. This jiu-jitsu tape & rock climbing tape is engineered with pro-grade materials and designed specifically for hands. Whether it’s getting back to the gym or on the rock face, you need an athletic finger tape that offers proven skin protection.


Designed and inspired by a BJJ Black Belt, this finger tape is the one professional athletes prefer. With a slender width, it’s made specifically for enclosing fingers and hands, which makes it an ideal hand tape for sports like gymnastics, judo, rock climbing, bouldering, weightlifting, and CrossFit. If you’re earnest about your sport, whatever it is, get the finger tape that BJJ pros rely on.


If you’re dedicated to daily training, you can’t afford to miss a session, and with the right protective gear, you shouldn’t have to. Finger and hand strain can cause pain and limit your movements. Get the jiu-jitsu tape that allows the greatest compression to bind and immobilize fingers to prevent swelling and assist a faster recovery. Easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and durable.


Many athletic tapes fray and leave an adhesive residue behind. This rock climbing tape is made with a cotton substrate that proffers strong, no-fuss compression and protection, and works well with chalk. Its Second Skin Technology adhesive keeps the tape securely in place without any vexatious gummy residue left behind.


The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, bestowing the level of confidence the company has in this product.

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