Zero Gravity’s Program

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Program Objectives

Zero Gravity’s program is designed to promote age appropriate skill development in the fun and safety conscience environment of our Olympic style gym. We seek to develop such principals as: goal setting, time management, sportsmanship, dedication and discipline. All of these aspects of learning contribute to a child’s positive self image and personal success. Zero Gravity has begun a new and innovative program! You sign up for one primary program and you can attend as many supplementary classes in a week that you want!! All for the same price!. Come 6 days a week! Please only one class per day. Below is a listing of the programs and specialty classes available. Go to our schedule page to see how the program works for you! Remember you can register online or print out a registration form to mail or bring in!



(3-4 years) This program is for children ages 3-4 years, incorporating age appropriate skills in a fun, safety conscious manner, on equipment scaled to fit pre-schoolers. Children learn the basics of gymnastics, from how to jump on a vaulting board, to developing upper body strength on the bars, walking on a balance beam and performing a forward roll on the floor. The Moon walkers program challenges youngsters to experience their world in a whole new way and begin to understand how their bodies move. In addition to gymnastics, children practice standing in line, taking turns, and following directions from the instructor. The staff use skill evaluation sheets to track student’s progress.



(5 year olds only) This program is for all children 5 years old. The Comet program teaches age appropriate skills in a fun, safety conscious manner, with stamps and stickers awarded for effort in each class. Comets expand their gymnastics knowledge to incorporate combinations of skills on each event. From running and doing a squat vault, to swinging on bars, jumping on a balance beam, and performing cartwheels and handstands on floor, children are taught the skills necessary to continue into the Nova program, upon turning 6 years of age. Comets are also exposed to trampoline safety & basics, and specific strength & flexibility exercises. The staff keeps skill evaluation sheets to track the progress of each child.



(ages 5 & up) All children 5 & up, starting gymnastics at Zero Gravity must enter the Nova program. This program has an extensive curriculum while focusing on the basic fundamentals of gymnastics. The Nova program incorporates the beginner skills on Vaulting, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Tumbling. Trampoline skills and development of strength and flexibility are also included. The staff use skill evaluation sheets to track student’s progress. Second year students may be moved onto higher level classes upon staff recommendation.

ADVANCED NOVA – for second year students (6 years & up)

The Advanced Nova program is a class for children who are second year students ages 6 & up. This program reinforces the fundamentals learned in the NOVA program, and introduces new level appropriate skills and proper progression. The gymnasts are challenged to expand their gymnastic knowledge by learning new sills on each event. Trampoline skills and the development of strength and flexibility are also included. The staff use skill evaluation sheets to track the progress of each student, and will test periodically throughout each session. Safety is always emphasized when attempting new skills.


NOVA EXCEL- (7 years & up)

The Nova Excel program is an advanced class for children ages 7 & up. Student must pass the Advanced Nova program and/or have staff recommendation to enter NOVA Excel. Working in progression from Advanced Nova, this program teaches fun, level appropriate skills, always emphasizing safe use of equipment. The curriculum will continue to build on the skill foundation established in NOVA and Advanced NOVA, and will add basic dance skills along with continuing to develop trampoline, and strength & flexibility. The staff will use skill evaluation sheets to track students’ progress. Upon completion of the Nova Excel program, gymnasts may be asked to join Zero Gravity’s competitive team.


BOOT CAMP (ages 5 & up)

Boot camp is an athletic training program for children ages 5 & up. This program is a fitness class that focuses on strength, flexibility, aerobic exercise, endurance, and overall athleticism. Fun and exciting exercises are used to promote a healthy attitude toward physical fitness. Boot camp is designed so that athletes participating in any sport will benefit from this class. Gymnasts are encouraged to take this in addition to our gymnastic program to enhance progression.


TUMBLING (5 & up)

This program woks on the basic tumbling skills needed for cheerleading, such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round off, handstands, and walkovers. The staff will utilize skill specific equipment, foam pits and trampolines to teach each class. This program also works on building strength and flexibility needed to perform these skills. Once children have passed through the Tumbling program, they’ll be ready to enter the Flip Flop Workshop program.



PREREQUISITE Stand to bridge on floor needed to enter! Want to make the Cheer Squad? Here’s how to do it! Zero Gravity’s newest program is centered around everyone’s favorite skill: the back handspring! Skill specific exercises are designed to target the strength, flexibility and tumbling basics necessary to perform the perfect back handspring. After successfully performing a back handspring, you may move on to the Advance Tumbling program where you’ll learn to build onto our new skill!



PREREQUISITE – Backhandspring unspotted needed to enter! Advanced Tumbling will utilize the skills learned in Tumbling and begin putting them together n combination. Multiple back handsprings, round-off back handsprings, aerials, front & back tucks, and beyond! The staff will utilize skill specific equipment, foam pits and trampolines to teach each class. This program will work to build strength and flexibility needed to do these skills, stunts and jumps.


TRAMPOLINE (ages 5 & up)

Everyone’s favorite event is now a class! Students will use our trampolines and 30 foot long tumble Trak to learn a wide variety of jumps, flips and tricks. beginning with the basics of trampoline: jumping, stopping and falling; the students will build a foundation of knowledge to help them learn new and exciting skills. As always, trampoline safety is highly emphasized.


OPEN GYM (ages 8 & up)

This is a program where students may come in on their own and work on a particular event or skill they choose. An instructor will be available to help if necessary, however it is not a structured class. Open gym is FREE for currently enrolled members and $15 for members not currently enrolled.





The newest and largest Team at Zero Gravity Gymnastics. This Team competes at USAG levels 4-5-6 & 7. The Rocketz program is somewhat flexible, with workouts scheduled for 9-12 hours per week. This allows gymnasts the opportunity to pursue other interests outside of gymnastics. Joining this team is by invitation only.



This team program began in 1995, and was the original team at Zero Gravity Gymnastics. Acronauts train between 12 and 24 hours per week, and have an extremely high level of commitment and dedication to the sport of gymnastics. Joining Acronauts is by invitation only.



Rules Update


Rules Update #9 For Men’s Age Group Competition Program CLASS VI AND CLASS VII VAULT CLARIFICATION Gentlemen, I want to clear up some of the questions I have received concerning the Vault. Let me start by saying that the Region 8 board has chosen to use the Vault Table exclusively. With that said, Class 6 and 7 may do Squat-on straight jump off, Squat over, and a Handspring.

The Starting Value is as follows: Class 7- Squat-on (9.0) Squat over- (9.4) Handspring-(9.7) Class 6- Squat-on (8.8) Squat over- (9.2) Handspring- (9.7) Kevin White Region VIII Chairman Future Stars National Championships Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs, CO Pictures from the meet 10-11 Year Old Results 12 Year Old Results Region 8- The Nation�s best Region 8 does it again with the best showing at this year�s Future Stars National Championship.

The competition was held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs on Fri. . The athletes arrived on Wed and trained on Thursday for the big show. Region 8 did not disappoint. The first session of competition was for the 10-11 year olds. Our athletes were all business and our pursuit of perfection paid off. Not only did Region 8 take the top three places, we took 7 out of the top 15.

These boys will receive a training camp at the Training center in the summer. All eyes were on Universal Gymnastics as Danell Leyva took top honors. Edward Mesa placed second, Alexander Barrera took third, Kristian Silva placed fifth, and Rocky Kaller placed seventh. Jordan Melton of Orlando Metro placed thirteenth, and Michael Lewark of American Dream Gym placed fourteenth. Allen Malone of Victory Gymnastics and Matthew Fuller of Cobb Challengers represented us well.

You boys are champions and you will be a force to be recorded with. Keep up the hard work. First Row Mathew Fuller, Alex Barrera, Michael Lewark, Jordan Melton Second Row Alan Mallone, Rocky Kaller, Kristian Silva, Daneil Leyva The second session was in the 12 year old division.

Anthony Lewark from American Dream Gym placed fourth to lead the way for our region. Andres Conde from Universal also made the team placing eighteenth. John Martin just missed making this year�s team. John has a big heart. Work hard, the best is yet to come! Christian Conde missed the competition do to an injury. We know you would have been there. Get healthy and looking forward to seeing you compete in the upcoming season. Region 8 is on the cutting edge in the Future Stars Program. Lets continue to work together to keep our Region the NATION�S BEST.

Kevin White- Region 8 Chairmen Andres Condes, Anthony Lewark, Christian Chaves, Jon Martin Regional Developmental team 8-9 years old OPEN OPTIONAL Region 8 would like to congratulate Derek Helsby and Wes Aderhold on making the Jr. National Team (14-15). Derek placed 3rd and Wes placed 7th respectivly. Tom Buesse just missed placing 9th. Keep up the hard work Tom, we know you will be there. We can’t forget to mention the coaches…Jeff Robinson, Joe Lavell, and John Hallet are the Coaches for Derek Helsby. Wes Aderholds coach is Skip Zimmer.

Tom Buesse’s coach is Mark Nelson. Region 8 is proud of our coaches. Make sure when you see these individuals, give them a pat on the back. They deserve it! On the individual events Derek placed 3rd on Vault and High Bar. Wes brought home the 3rd on Floor. Tom placed 3rd on Pommel Horse, and the silver medal on P-bars. Great job guy’s!

Florida Judges Cup. SGJA Judge Course Map judges Courses Miami Map Judges courses Clearwater The JO Nationals National Apparatus Leader Reports are now posted on the USA Gymnastics website. Apparatus Report from Regional Championships Floor Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 Details analysis for Class I,II,III Additional data on FX by Jon Culbertson # 1 Additional data on FX by Jon Culbertson # 2 Pommel class1. class 2. class 3. Rings Vault P. Bars Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 H. Bars Region VIII Judges Meet Directors If you want to have have any information regarding your meet (results, dates, etc..) you can send to me and I will posted on this site. Number of people visiting this page since 


Men’s JO Nationals Qualifying Scores Class I = 42.50 Class II = 40.50 Class III = 45.50 Congratulation Ari Barrera (2nd AA), Michael Almazan(6th AA), Torrance Lauri (12th AA) Class III National Team Member 10.0 Award Justin Laury


CLATIFICATION: 18-Oct-01 – J.O. Competition “Dark Pants Rule” – At this time, the FIG rule does not affect or apply to the Men’s J.O. Program. According to the Minutes of the M-JOPC Meeting on May 6th. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the JOPC made no action on the FIG ruling, stating that currently the J.O. Age Group Program rules allow for solid color competition pants of any color. However, if an athlete will be competing in the USA Gymnastics Men’s Winter Cup Challenge, U.S. Qualifier or the U.S. Championships the FIG Rule will be in effect. See FIG Rule below. FIG Competition Dark Pants Rule: Page 4 of the Men’s FIG Code of


Points States in Part I, Chapter 2, Article 2, Number 2-D ii. – He (the athlete) must wear long gymnastics pants and socks on Pommel Horse, Rings, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar. Long gymnastics pants that are Black or the darker shades of Blue, Brown or Green are not permitted.