Top 5 Adjustable Gymnastics Ring Straps

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When you think of gymnastics your mind might immediately gravitate thinking about flips and turns or maneuvering on a balance beam. Maybe your mind envisions the Olympics since being featured in recent events. The sport of gymnastics can also be included in a person’s workout routine. The component to focus your attention today is the gymnastic rings and more specifically, the best adjustable ring straps available.

Aren’t all adjustable ring straps the same? Not necessarily. Let’s go over some options to consider having you best equipped to purchase the right ones.

Vulken Numbered Adjustable Ring Straps


The first thing to note about these double-layered straps is that have a potential length of 8.5 ft. The steel carabiners on these straps have been upgraded in 2021 to a load bearing weight of up to 4400 lbs. per strap. Each strap has numbered loops allowing a quick and safe transition of length. Better yet, if you receive these straps and for any reason, they aren’t what you need or if they are faulty, give Vulken a call and they will provide a refund or replacement straps within 24 hours. Perfect when you don’t have time to lose.

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GarageFit Premium Adjustable Ring Straps

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Need some reliable ring straps that are not only affordable but adjustable. Check these out manufactured by GarageFit. These straps are great if you need replacement straps for your existing rings. Need more than 8.5 feet? Not a problem because these straps have a total adjustment length of up to 15 feet. Designed with longevity in mind, with proper care, these straps will last for years to come. Care for them in the proper way and they will be as good in year 2 as they were the first time you used them.


Need a pop of colour at your gym? Or a splash of colour when you work out at home to give the motivation that you need? GarageFit also has different colours available here. Also, a great alternative for gyms that have CrossFit competitions or personal training available.


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Proper installation is key to ensure safety no matter which straps you use. Check here for more information about setting up gym rings properly.


Pacearth Adjustable Ring Straps

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If you need just a tad more length, check out these adjustable ring straps by Pacearth. These straps have the capability of accommodating tasks that require your straps to be up to 15.74 feet. Pacearth makes its straps using heavy-duty polyester capable of holding weights up to 1763 pounds. The added length allows you to use these straps in rooms with high ceilings or perhaps a more adventurous use on an outdoor beam. These straps are made to last and Pacearth desires satisfaction from each customer. Therefore, if you have a quality-related issue, a 100% one-year money-back guarantee is offered so that you can purchase these with peace of mind.

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Need something to spark creative ideas on where to place your rings? Well, check this out for a hint on settings you may have never considered.


Day 1 Fitness Wooden Rings With Adjustable Straps

Gymnastic Rings with adjustable straps (Wood - 28mm) - IronBull Strength | Fitness Equipment of Ottawa

These adjustable ring straps come with a set of wooden rings. These extra-thick straps have an extension length of 19.5 feet for the extra length that your activity may require. These are perfect if you participate in CrossFit or just want for your home gym.

Do you like to take your workout with you when you travel? This is a fantastic pick with that in mind because of being both light and portable. Easily tucked away so that you don’t ever have to skip a routine. This is a great contender if you are in the market for rings and straps since everything is available in one purchase for an outstanding price.

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DoubleCircle Wood Gymnastic Rings With Quick Adjustable Ring Straps

Gymnastic Rings with adjustable straps (Wood - 28mm) - IronBull Strength | Fitness Equipment of Ottawa


Maybe using gym rings is something completely new to you and makes you shy to even give it a try. This option is great for the novice. These come with an online video tutorial to show you the proper way to use your rings and an online eBook that provides 24 pages of detailed instruction and workout tips. These straps have a numbered hook system that allows you to set exact lengths and prevents losing time due to constant adjustments. So now you have tried it and decide this just isn’t for you. DoubleCircle offers no questions asked, it doesn’t matter the reason, if you aren’t satisfied, they will happily give you a full refund.

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If you need ideas starting out on different exercises you can perform with the rings or you just want something fresh to add to your already developed routine, check out some options here.


One size doesn’t fit all, especially when using gymnastic rings. Do not be limited by not having exactly the right length gymnastic ring strap for the task intended when there are so many options to explore.