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Parent’s, Coaches, & Teachers – The power within us


To sit and accept or to reach inside to change a situation, isn’t it great that we have that choice? I am not sure where this potential power comes from but it seems to be there for the asking. To turn a day on its’ head from bad to good. To turn an attitude from desperation to hope. To reach inside, grab a little confidence and push forward. Through just about anything, maybe everything.


Some get on their knees for hope and guidance while others get on their knees to cry. Some look in the mirror and decide they don’t like things at the moment and challenge themselves to make it better. Still others grab a phone and lean on a friend for support, inspiration and a “way out,” Life is not about a series of +++++++’s. The sooner we accept that we are going to get knocked down sometimes the sooner we can recognize the challenge when it hits us.


If adults are challenged with these – – – – -’s then how are children expected to pick themselves up when they kicked in the stomach with negative situations? Well, as an educator I say “educate them.” Don’t ignore or shield them from something we know is going to happen to them many times in their lifetime. Please, are there parents out there who really think that they can keep disappointment and hurt from their child? There won’t be sadness? There won’t be a boy friend be a jerk and walk away? There won’t be a layoff at a job? Children need to learn to accept that life is not a “box full of all of the chocolates that you like to eat.”


And we, as adults, need to check ourselves and our ability to handle the minuses that show up on our door step every once in awhile. For us to teach the children these lessons, it would help to be good at resolving our own challenges and situations. It appears that we all have the capacity to make things better. Not make things perfect, but make things better. We work better when we have hope and a confidence that we are doing the right thing. And it seems like hope is available to each and everyone of us.


Find where your inner power lies. Make sure that you have a way to reach that power when needed. It is incredible that we can make a bad day good and a good day great. Just by reaching into our vault of confidence, solutions and desire to feel better.


To teach this lesson to children can change their future. Blow a competition and be a wreck for several days? To wallow in pity, disappointment and a temporary lack of confidence does NOTHING to get back to those “good day” feelings. Fighters bounce back. Tough athletes recover quicker than others. What do you want for your children, student and athletes?


What do you want for yourself? There are solutions out there that can make the sunrise more beautiful. I want kids eager to get up in the morning, ready to challenge the world and anything the world throws at them.


This is an important topic, please add your thoughts if you have been inspired to do so. We can change children’s lives for years and years to come. We can change our own lives too, even if we are old…………er.