Outdoor Inflatable Gymnastics Mat

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Gymnastics, like many other Olympic sports, involves a lot of jumping and landing. The jaw-dropping stunts could easily go awry with the slightest mistake. That’s why gymnasts have to do intense training and learn to use their equipment well.


One of the most common pieces of equipment that shouldn’t miss in a gymnast’s arsenal is a mat. It’s a great investment for any gymnast aiming to improve their craft. 



Why do you need a gymnastics mat?

It’s time you quit using that old mattress and upgraded to a gymnastics mat!


The need for mats in many sports and gymnastics as well cannot be understated. They are used especially in sports that involve a long of jumping and landing to absorb the shock on the joints and limbs. In simple terms, they help cushion gymnasts’ falls, making the landings softer and less painful. 


The mats do not make you immune to injuries, but they sure reduce the chances of injuries by a healthy margin.


Who are Gymnastics Mats for?

Unlike what you might think, these mats aren’t just for gymnasts. They can be used for more than just tumbling. Cheerleaders, wrestlers, dancers, or just anyone that needs a soft place to stretch can make use of the mats. They can also help with martial arts, cartwheels, rolls, handstands, and walkovers.


Advantages of Inflatable Mats over Ordinary Mats

Inflatable gymnastics mats have an edge over ordinary mats in certain areas:


  1. They are more affordable compared to ordinary non-inflatable mats.
  2. They are less bulky, and can easily be carried around and on trips.
  3. Weighs less.
  4. Easy to fold up and store.


They are not far from perfect either, below are some of their cons:


  1. They are prone to punctures and leaks. 
  2. Require additional equipment such as pumps.


If you can do with these problems, you’re free to go ahead and purchase an inflatable gymnastics mat.


What to Look for in an Inflatable Gymnastics Mat

Before you go out looking for a gymnastics mat to buy, here are some factors you might need to consider. 


  1. Size

You’ll need to ensure the mat is big enough to not confine you to a cramped space. You should be able to do your workouts freely without any problems.


  1. Thickness

This is another important aspect since it will determine the softness and shock absorption. You don’t need to worry, however, as you can always inflate to your desired level of thickness.


  1. Cover Material

You’ll need to get material that doesn’t irritate your skin. This will help you have longer, more comfortable workouts.


What are the Best Inflatable Gymnastics Mats?

If you still need help knowing the best mats, don’t worry, we got you! 


Here is a list we’ve curated of the best inflatable gymnastics mats you can get on Amazon.



  • Inflatable Gymnastics Air Mat Tumble Track Tumbling Mat

This versatile gymnastics mat has a wide variety of uses. It can be utilized on the gym floor, in high-performance training, health clubs, dance clubs, schools, gymnastic exercises, home amusement, recreation centers, gymnasium, expert training, park, or rental business. Also, it could be used on beaches or water, backyards, grasslands for Cheerleading/Practice Gymnastics/Beach/Park/Home use.


The mat is strong as its air floor is made of Double-Wall Material, and 0.9 mm thickness durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin, and better air-tightness and stability, since reinforcements are made for all seams.


This easy-to-use tumbling mat can be folded and unfolded quickly and is easier to fit on the back seat of your car. Compared with the traditional foam-based mats, they take up much less space after deflating so the storage and transportation become pretty manageable and economic.


This product takes only a minute to deflate or inflate with a pump that’s included with the package. 

After inflation, the air in the mat secures its pressure for days.

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  • Happybuy  Air Gymnastics Track Inflatable Gymnastics Tumble

This gymnastics mat is made of Double-Wall drop stitch PVC laminated fabric material, with 1.2mm thickness, and can be appropriated in all high-performance training. This product has been examined and proved to be adequate for home use.


It is made of environmentally friendly material that you can enjoy with your family.


Through the heat-sealed process, this gymnastics air runaway mat performs well with excellent air tightness and with no air leakage, thereby guaranteeing you a safe and ample workout.



  1. Thanks to its user-friendly design, inflating and deflating can be done in several minutes. You may exercise or have some fun on this inflatable gymnastics mat in minutes.
  2. With durable handles, this air mat is easy to move and carry.
  3. After deflating, it can be folded into small pieces and takes small spaces to store.



  1. You might need to buy a pump separately since it’s not included in the package.

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3. EZ GLAM Air Mat Tumble Track Inflatable Gymnastics Mat

Like the other mats above, this mat is handy and can be applied widely, from dancing clubs to fitness clubs and gyms. You just need to make sure there are no sharp objects lying around. 


This mat is highly enduring as it is made of Double-Wall Material (also know as drop stitch material), and 0.9mm thickness durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin. Better airtightness and durability since reinforcement are made for all seams.


The mat is also effortless to operate and can be comfortably folded and unfolded for use or storage. They are also easily adjustable since they take up much less space.


You also receive a free air pump when you purchase this product. It typically takes a few minutes to inflate or deflate. 

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4. ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat 

This product has a tri-fold design that’s compressed for storage, and two carrying handles which make fitness on-the-go convenient.


It features a thick cushion that provides a cushioned, supportive surface for workouts, stretching, martial arts, or outdoor fitness routines.


Its flexible foam interior keeps its shape for long-term usability and preserves the gymnast’s knees, wrists, elbows, and back.


Its vinyl surface withstands tearing or stretching and is simple to wipe clean; great for stretching & floor exercises. It is also waterproof.


To clean, use light soap or water. Wipe the mat with a clean wet sponge or rag. Use a soft dry cloth to eliminate any leftover residue, then air dry.

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