Costzon Gymnastic Bar

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Efficient Costzon Gymnastic Bar for Novice Gymnasts

Being a gymnastics player, everyone might be familiar with the training on gymnastic bars. This is because, the training on gymnastics bars, especially the horizontal one can improve the balance of the player and make them more flexible while moving horizontal bars.

Out of many horizontal bars in the market, the Costzon gymnastic bar is considered as the top-most in quality. This training bar perfectly suitable for the players from the 1-4 level and some exciting features is stability and durability.  This particular gymnastic bar can fit with any 4 feet wide gym mats so that it can be used easily. Here is the list of unique features.

As stated earlier, Costzon Junior Training Bar is highly durable. This is applicable and possible with the material it made of. It is structured with solid steel with sustainable wood. Hence, this training bar is suitable for beginners or for the gymnasts who are under 1-4 level home balance training.  The high stability features added security grade during training.

The training bar is designed by welding as a triangle support base. This enables users to support up to 220 lbs.  The easily adjustable feature allows the users to make an adjustment based on their training levels. The height can be adjusted between 36″ and 59″ at 2″ interval.

It usually comes with a complete set with 4ft Wide Gym Mat, which is made of environment-friendly EPE foam. The soft and highly resilient nature of gym mat gives strong and comfortable support to the players while practicing. The inner foam would be protected with PU leather.


  • The adjustable option enables the users to change the height based on their needs
  • Ensures safety while using it with a double locking mechanism
  • Easily fit with all 4 feet wide gym mats
  • Perfectly suitable for 1 to 4 level home balance training
  • Can support up to 220 lbs.


  • The only downside is a bit costly

As per the sayings “, you get what you pay for” is always true. It is possible to find many cheapest gymnastic bars in the market, but the quality of every product stood accordingly. Since Costzon Junior Training Bar is quite costly, it can get at an affordable price when it is purchased via online. This gymnastic bar is considered as the best equipment to accompany the novice player who is the force to achieve great heights in gymnastics.

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