Capital Gymnastics 

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Capital Gymnastics 



We are extremely pleased to announce to you that Capital Gymnastics was honored with three VAUSAG awards this past weekend at the annual VAUSAG State Meeting. Capital was presented 2nd Place “Recognition of Excellence” awards for both Compulsory Club (Level 4,5 & 6) and Optional Club(Level 7, 8, 9 and 10). What is most impressive is we were also presented the 1st Place award for being the CLUB OF THE YEAR. This is only made possible by the dedication of your children and our excellent coaching staff. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to train your children.


STRENGTH TESTING Coaches are in the process of finalizing the strength testing criteria for Levels 4, 5 & 6. As soon as the list of skills is complete, we will e-mail them to you. Coaches are hoping to start testing the end of October/beginning of November.


TOPS For Level 4 and Level 5 Team Girls who have signed up for the TOPS program, it will begin Saturday, October 9th. If you intend to have your daughter participate in this program, please sign up with Gena in the office.


FLU & ILLNESS Due to the increased occurances of the swine flu in our area, we are asking that you follow the precautionary guidelines as described by the CDC. Please encourage your child to practice diligent hand washing or use the alcohol-based hand sanitizers located around the gym. In the event that your child develops any of the following symptoms; fever and chills, sore throat, cough, headache, bodyaches with fatigue, please contact your healthcare provider immediately. If your child is recovering from this or any other illness, they must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to the gym. Capital Gymnastics would like to keep all of the athletes healthy and happy! Thank you for your support in keeping our athletes healthy.




The Girl’s program at CGA includes all levels of recreational gymnastics from beginner to intermediate. The program currently enrolls more than 600 female gymnasts between the ages of 5 and 14. The program’s strengths include a strong foundation of basic skills, generation of self-esteem and a fun, learning environment. Tumbling, balance, strength and flexibility are the primary aspects of all the classes. Students will work on trampoline, balance beam, uneven parallel bars and vault. All levels of classes are offered Monday through Friday as well as special home school classes on Monday and Thursday afternoon. Class time is one hour and the average student ratio is 6 to 1 and does not exceed 8 to 1. The following is a brief description of the classes:


WHITE/BROWN BELT – (Entry Level)

To keep track of progress, students are given a white belt when they begin gymnastics. It does not represent a level of accomplished skill, but rather a starting point. Students will work to accomplish the Brown Belt. White/Brown means that the class has white belts in it who are working on the brown belt. We keep track of their progress toward Brown Belt by placing tips on their white belt. Each tip represents a batch of skills learned on a particular event. The events and their colors are: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, and Trampoline. BROWN BELT (Beginner Girls One) – This class introduces students to the basic skills of gymnastics. Rolls, tripods, hanging, running, jumping, punching, as well as basic body positions are some of the skills taught. Self-confidence and safety are greatly emphasized, as students become familiar with the equipment. This level develops the students understanding of gymnastic basics and promotes an environment of fun and safety.


Once all of these tip colors have been achieved, the student will receive their brown belt. Then they may advanceto Brown/Orange.


ORANGE BELT ( Beginner Girls Two)


– The second level of the girl’s program builds on the skills that are mastered in the previous level. Strength and flexibility are utilized on equipment skills, which become more demanding of the student’s balance and agility. The instructors assist the students in the development process as they begin to develop a true enjoyment of the sport.


Once all of these tip colors have been achieved, the student will be given a letter of recommendation to be evaluated by a program manager. The evaluation cost $3.00. We use this evaluation to promote the child, to give feedback to the parent, and to make new class recommendations. Special notes are also place on the child’s belt in order to provide good communication to instructors. Though evaluations are not required, they are highly recommended for levels Orange and up.


GRAY BELT (Advance Beginner One)


– This particular level has a large increase in the complexity of the skills taught. Cartwheels and Round offs on floor are introduced at this level. The use of higher and more narrow beams are also examples of increased difficulty encountered at this level. This level challenges students to expand their gymnastic abilities.


YELLOW BELT (Advanced Beginner Two)


– As a follow up to the previous class, this class promotes the gymnast to perform difficult skills without the assistance of the instructor. An emphasis is placed not only on the actual skills, but the quality and beauty of the skill with concentration on form and presentation. This is the highest level of girl’s recreational gymnastics. At this level, the students are introduced to beginning competition skills as given by the U.S. Gymnastics Federation. (U.S.A.G.) Classes may range from an hour to an hour and a half. This is a preparatory level to determine team readiness and interest.


RED BELT (Pre-Team) 


BURGUNDY BELT (Recreational Optional) – This is the first of three levels of our optional belt program. The burgundy belt is unique from the others in that gymnasts are not required to learn specific pre-determined skills on each apparatus. Instead, they are given more options as to which skills that they would like to learn. They may choose from a menu of skills. This is a level that we have recently added as a result of wanting to give gymnasts another avenue by which to learn harder skills without having to adhere to all of the compulsory belt levels and progressions.