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Gymnasts handle a lot of bars, swinging and slipping in ways that may not be healthy for their hands. That’s why dowel grips are recommended for gymnasts, especially competitive ones. They are worn by the gymnasts on the hands and help the gymnast have a better grip on uneven and high bars, while also protecting their hands from blisters and sores that are caused by friction between the bars and the hands. 


What Are Dowel Grips

Dowel grips have a rod near the finger, and two-finger holes to slip in the middle and ring fingers and are mostly used by competitive and expert gymnasts. Non-dowel grips, on the other hand, do not have rods and are mostly used by beginner gymnasts.


Why do You Need Dowel Grips?

Not all gymnasts use dowel grips, however. Some intentionally avoid them to develop toughened and calloused palms that grip the bars firmly enough. This process is however long and in most cases painful. 


Some of them prefer gauze and tapes to towels, but these sometimes don’t work too well.


Experts advise gymnasts to use dowel grips from the beginning so as to get used to them. They don’t prevent rips, but at least protect your hands so you get fewer rips. 


For beginner gymnasts, here are some Handcare Tips For Gymnastics

How to choose the right Dowel Grips

Since no two hands are exactly the same, dowel grips come in different designs and sizes for different gymnasts. Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing the right dowel grips for you.

Skill Level

The level of skill a gymnast has determines the dowel grips they go for. Dowel grips are more suited for intermediate to expert gymnasts. Beginner gymnasts are better off with non-dowel or palm grips.



Different dowel grips are made of different materials, and each has its fair share of pros and cons. Dowel grips come with either velcro wrist straps or buckle straps


Velcro straps are comfortable and easily adjustable, but also tend to easily wear out. 


Buckle straps, on the other hand, are more durable but could be more uncomfortable to new users.


Dowel grips made of thicker material are durable, but take a long time to break in. This could be very uncomfortable for gymnasts, especially in swings. The ones made from thinner material, on the other hand, easily break-in, and are more comfortable but also wear out very fast.



This is an extremely important factor that requires close attention. Choosing the wrong size could result in serious accidents and/or severe injuries. To find the correct size, you need to measure your hand from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your palm and compare it to the measurements of the dowel grips of your choice. Here is a video tutorial on a 3-Step Approach to Sizing Gymnastics Grips.


In case your exact fit isn’t available, it is advisable to go for a slightly smaller size since the leather will stretch to give a tighter grip.


Choosing longer grips could result in severe injuries to the wrists and the forearm. The grips might also lock while the gymnast is in motion, thereby causing serious injuries. You need to be keen enough to choose the correct fit.


Breaking-in Dowel Grips

Newer dowel grips are stiffer and might be uncomfortable for the most part. They might also have bigger or smaller holes that don’t fit the gymnast’s hand perfectly. Continuous usage, however, causes the dowels to relax and take the shape of the gymnast’s hands, thereby feeling more comfortable. 


If, after breaking in, the holes are still larger or smaller, use sandpaper to make smaller holes bigger, or foam to make bigger holes smaller. Try not to pull or cut the holes as this could spoil the dowel grips.


Best Dowel Grips

If you are ready to buy dowel grips, there are great options on Amazon. You don’t need to go through the hassle of comparing them one by one, however. Here is a list we have curated, of the best dowel grips you can consider buying. 


  1. Tiger Paw Authentic Gymnastics Wrist Support.


These gloves are expertly designed by designers at US Glove with the competition in mind. Professional athletes throughout the world, including Olympic gymnasts and competitive cheerleaders, use these competition guards for an edge in performance. 


Whether you are rolling, tumbling, or doing flips, these are the ultimate gymnastics supports to protect your wrists and stabilize your landings. They’re perfect for backyard tumbling and cheer!


The fully adjustable, ergonomic, and stable wrist support design conforms to each athlete’s hand. Follow the sizing chart on the company’s website to find the best fit. An extra small is for those weighing up to 69 lbs; a small is for 69–115 lbs; a medium is for 115–150 lbs, and a large is for 150–210 lbs. If your weight puts you between sizes, use the measurements from your palm and wrist to confirm your size (see more instructions in the sizing chart).


Tiger Paws help with the prevention of wrist injuries, such as hyperextensions, sprains, strains tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Keep your wrists secure and keep competing with Tiger Paws.


Tiger Paws gymnastic wrist guards are made to be snug and tight without sacrificing comfort. They are specifically designed to give you exceptional wrist support that conforms to the size of your wrist and hands. It feels like a natural part of your hands. It will exceed your expectations.

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  • Reisport Ladies Hook and Loop Uneven Bar Grips



This is one of the most popular grips in the world

Reisport grips are manufactured in Switzerland under the strictest specifications using only the finest quality leather. 


To size, measure from tip of longest finger to base of palm. Xx-small (up to 5.5″), x-small (5.5-6″), Small (6-6.5″), medium (6.5-7″), large (7-7.5″), x-large (7.5″ and up)

Measure 2 inches wide across the palm area of the hand.


It is constructed with two finger holes and a small rubber dowel that is glued and sewn to the grip.

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  • Gibson Athletic Women Double Buckle Just Right Uneven Bar Grips



These grips are created for gymnasts who need a dowel grip but whose hands may be too small for the standard grips on the market.


It allows for more hand contact on the bar while minimizing rips.

It’s constructed with high-quality leather with double buckle closure.

It is sold in pairs.


NOTE: Appropriate for hands 5.75-6.25″ from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm.

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  1. QALARO Double Buckle Dowel Grips for Girls Gymnastics 


These grips for gymnastic girls are available in XS, S, M, and L. Any athlete will be very happy with this girl’s gymnastics grips set by Qalaro, complete with a set of 4.5inch white cotton wrist bands and a black drawstring grip bag.


It’s made of soft flexible leather that is designed to protect the palm from rips during swings and bar routines, for training and competition. The narrow cut also allows them to be broken in very quickly and easily. 


In case of small finger holes, wrap some sandpaper around a pen and use it to enlarge the finger holes. Must not go past the 2nd knuckle!


This double buckle grips with a leather dowel, are professionally stitched and high-quality, which makes them perfect for training and official competition at any level.


The Qalaro uneven bar dowel grips have a very sturdy double buckle for reassurance during bar work and are designed to create a pocket for the bar, for ease of swinging during a workout. The dowel will give your gymnast extra grip and confidence.


If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our grips, you can return them to the company (unused) within 30 days for a refund or replacement.

 If you’ve never used dowel grips before, don’t worry. Here is a tutorial on how to How To Put On And Prepare Gymnastics Dowel Grips With Coach Meggin!   

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