Wrist Support for Back Handspring

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Whether you’re an entry-level gymnast or an elite-level professional, you clearly need protection for your hands. The bars aren’t especially friendly to the hands, and it’s not uncommon for gymnasts to come out with blisters and rips after a long exercise. 


It doesn’t end there! Sweaty hands are a nightmare in gymnastics. They can cause slips from equipment which can lead to serious accidents and injuries for gymnasts.


That’s specifically why gymnasts use chalk, hand grips, and other methods to intensify grip on the hands during routines.

Wrist support for back handspring is a crucial part of any gymnast’s training, but it can be difficult to find the right one. After much research and testing, we found that this wrist support is perfect for your needs and will help you become better at back handsprings. This article will guide you through what to look for when buying wrist supports, how to use them properly, and which ones are best for beginners!

What is a back handspring and why should I care about wrist support for it

How To Do A Handspring (Tips For Doing Front And Back Handspring)

Back Handsprings are flips performed in an upside-down position where the gymnast comes from standing on their hands to an upright position. The gymnast must be able to rotate 360 degrees and land on his or her feet in order for the back handspring to be completed successfully. It takes practice to master and wrist support can make it easier with less pain, which will allow you to focus on your form instead of worrying about your wrists.

The wrist support will help you complete a movement that is difficult without one, making it more achievable!

What are Wrist Supports?

Injury rates among gymnastics are one of the most leading in any sport. Gymnastics requires a lot of swinging, making the gymnasts highly susceptible to wrist injuries


This is why gymnasts require wrist supports. Wrist supports are therefore primarily supportive garments worn around the wrist to provide support for the wrist and protect against wrist injury. They can also be used as chips for healing wrists.


Back handspring is a gymnastics maneuver including backflips with the hands reaching the ground midway. This skill is principally hard on the hands and can easily cause wrist injuries. Gymnasts need to use wrist supports for this skill to protect themselves from potential injuries.


What to look for in a Wrist Support


  • Material


You need to ensure you’re comfortable with the material used to make the wrist support.



  • Aesthetic


 If you’re fashion-conscious, you’ll need to get wrist supports that are aesthetically pleasing.



  • Size


This is definitely one of the most important aspects to check since wearing the wrong size wrist can actually expose you to more danger. The wrist supports need to fit perfectly fine on your wrist such that you’re able to practice without any problems.



Types of wrist supports

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There are many types of wrist support that will help you do back handsprings and other flips. There is a wide variety to choose from, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for! Look at the different brands available as well as how they fit your hand because each type has its own specifics when it comes down to sizing.

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Wrapping braces:

Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace | Performance Health

These are flexible and easy to put on, but they don’t offer much support. They can also be bulky when it comes to forming fittingness.

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Compression sleeves:

Arm sleeve the best Amazon price in SaveMoney.es

For a more focused compression that will help with blood flow, these are ideal for athletes and those who need just mild wrist support. They are easy to take on and off, but they don’t offer as much protection from the impact that can occur when landing.

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WALFRONT Kinesiology Tape, Waterproof Sports Therapy Knee Support Roll Tape Adhesive Waterproof Physio Tape for Muscle Support & Recovery (Skin Color) - Walmart.com - Walmart.com

This is a cheaper option for those who just need mild wrist support and are looking for something quick. Tape will feel tight at first, but it loosens up after a while of wearing it. It’s best for those who don’t need a lot of support. There are a number of gymnastic tapes available to you.

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DonJoy Wrist Wraps - Wrist Brace

These are the most expensive option but they offer maximum protection and stability, making them ideal for athletes that need more wrist support than others. These are generally worn in the recovery of a major sprain or fracture and often require a doctor to apply and remove them. They can come in various thickness and hardness varieties.


Velcro Wraps combined with Sleeves:

Tumbl Trak: Two Sided Velcro Straps for Gymnastics Cheer Dance

This is our top pick because it offers strong compression to both your wrists and back of your hands while still being comfortable enough to wear all day without feeling too tight or restrictive. Most have an easy closure system with Velcro straps which makes taking on and off quick and adjustable in size according to what you want from mild to max levels of compression. They also include palm padding to provide extra cushioning so there’s no irritation when wrapping around palms during movement.

How to put on your wrist support

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Depending on the type of support, there will be different application processes. As we outlined in the previous section, wrist supports can be easily applied and removed or can be more permanent aids. No matter what wrist support you choose, the best practices for using wrist support for back handsprings are as follows:

-Brace your wrist before you put on the support

-Put it on either palm up or down (whichever is more comfortable)

-Fasten it securely but not too tight to avoid restricting circulation

Once it’s secure, practice performing a back handspring with and without using the support so that you get used to how it feels.

Tips for taking care of your wrists before, during, and after a back handspring

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-When performing a back handspring, land with your feet shoulder width apart to avoid landing on your wrist

-If you do bail, practice rolling out of the fall so you don’t extend your arm and risk injuring your wrist

-If you are wearing support because of a past injury, try not to put too much weight on the injured arm. But when you recover, get in the habit of balancing the weight on both arms so you put equal strain on each.

After completing the exercise:

-Remove any braces or wraps that may be restricting circulation from wrists and hands

-Massage or ice sore wrists to prevent and minimize pain after injury.

Injuries can happen in a split second so it’s important that you’re aware of how the wrist support will help before, during, and even after back handsprings! This way you’ll be able to reduce risks for future falls while performing this difficult yet spectacular aerial stunt.

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Wearing wrist support when doing flips or handstands

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Wrist support is worn to reduce the risk of injury from performing back handsprings and other aerial stunts like handstands.

The most common wrist braces are wraps because they offer strong compression to both your wrists and the back of your hand with a Velcro closure system that’s easy to put on and take off. The wraps also include palm padding for extra cushioning so there’s no irritation when wrapping around your palms during movement.

We recommend a wrist wrap combined with sleeves because it offers strong compression to both your wrists and back of hands while still being comfortable enough to wear all day without feeling too tight or restrictive.





What are the Best Wrist Supports for Back Handspring?

If you’re not sure which wrist supports to get, here are some great options you can consider buying.



  • Tiger Paw Authentic Gymnastics Wrist Supports

These wrist supports are composed with competition in mind. Professional athletes throughout the world, including Olympic gymnasts and contentious cheerleaders, use these competition guards for an edge in performance. Whether you are rolling, tumbling, or doing flips, these are the final gymnastics wrist supports to protect your wrists and stabilize your landings. They’re perfect for backyard tumbling and cheer!


The fully adjustable, ergonomic, and firm wrist support design conforms to each athlete’s hand. Follow the company’s sizing chart diagram to find the best fit for your wrist. An extra small is for those weighing up to 69 lbs; a small is for 69–115 lbs; a medium is for 115–150 lbs, and a large is for 150–210 lbs. If your weight puts you between sizes, use the measurements from your palm and wrist to affirm your size (again, see instructions in the sizing chart).


The most popular color is sand, which is pleasant to wear at most major gymnastics events and competitions.


Your wrists and hands are an essential part of your fitness as an athlete. The last matter you need is an injury. Tiger Paws help with the inhibition of wrist injuries, such as hyperextensions, sprains, strains tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Keep your wrists secure and keep competing with Tiger Paws.


These gymnastic wrist guards are made to be snug and tight-fitting without sacrificing comfort. They are specifically designed to give you exceptional wrist support that conforms to the size of your wrist and hands. It feels like an original part of your hands! If you’ve used Gibson, Victory, Reisport, Baile, and other brands, try Tiger Paws Gymnastics Supports; they will most likely exceed your expectations!

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  • ZHEZHERA Paws Gymnastics Wrist Supports 

These gymnastics wrist brace guards for girls will support your wrists very well. Because of how most gymnastics wrist supports wrap, it’s common to hear horror stories from girls about painful skin chafing on the top of wrists. This isn’t the case with this product as it is made using double-cushioned yet breathable fabric in this area so your wrists still get the support they need without the chafing or the smell you typically get with well-used gear.


The high-quality genuine leather gymnastics youth wrist supports include foam and plastic pads that will last up to seven months before they should be replaced, and the included plastic battens allow you to customize the amount and firmness of support your wrists receive.


No gymnast girl, cheerleader, tumble, beam, vault, or floor gymnast should be without wrist supports for gymnastics, that’s why this company made this great wrist promotes affordable supports for everyone, while still sustaining high quality. 


With wrist injuries in these sports so common, the product is designed to cushion impacts and help avoid strains and sprains during extreme routines. 

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  • BraceAbility Cheer Wrist Brace 

This machine-washable gymnastics wrist brace is universal in size, fitting many kids and adults. It is sold as a single band only. It is developed specifically for cheerleading and gymnastics but is also perfect for CrossFit, weightlifting, dance, tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, and more.


Wrist sprains and strains from stunting and tumbling occur as the hand is hyperextended (bent backward). This brace also reduces carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and tendonitis pain during daily activities, such as typing on a computer.


Say bye to taping – this wristband offers a comfortable and safer alternative to Kinesio tape while providing needed support for cheer stunts.


The wrist support is composed of slim and revolutionary, thin elastic stretch fabric with a medical-grade fastener. It is breathable, lightweight, and suitable to wear.

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  1. HiRui 2 PACK Wrist Compression Strap and Wrist Braces 

This wrist support features a flexible cuff for easy wearing, providing wrist pain relief. They help protect and stabilize your wrists with gentle compression during and after working out and training.


They are made of durable neoprene-blend materials for extra support. They are also warm, breathable, comfortable, and are easy to use. The wrist support can reduce excessive motion during exercise resulting in improved flexibility of the wrist.


These versatile wrist supports are made for athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, jumping, cycling, squatting, weightlifting, etc. At the same time, applies to operating on the computer for a long time, driving, carrying, and so on. 


The adjustable design allows it to contour to the unique shape of your wrists, providing strong support, and comfort. 


The company is ready to give you a full refund in case you’re not content with the wrist supports. Buy the item with confidence! Either you’ll love the wrist support or get a full refund! 

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These are four great options if you need help choosing the right wrist supports. Good luck getting the perfect one for your wrists. If you’ve never used one before, here are some tips on how to use wrist supports.

Hope you found this informative and helpful! Happy back handspring practice everyone!

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